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The teenage son of an overbearing French pop star runs away to prove he can make it on his own, only to get more than what he bargains for when he finds his estranged father in China along with an unlikely group of Chinese students gearing up for a French singing competition.


Dominique Othenin-Girard is an independent film director, producer and scriptwriter. Since graduating from the London Film School, MFA in 1981, he has directed over 30 motion pictures and films for television.

Othenin-Girard is best known for directing feature films such as, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, The Crusaders and After Darkness, which was nominated for a Golden Bear at the 35th Berlin International Film Festival.

He is known for his versatility as a director, and his ability to reach wide audiences and consistently attaining record TV ratings.

His portfolio as a film director covers a wide range of genres including psychological hrillers, action thrillers, romantic miniseries, historical docudramas and documentaries, for many of which he was co-author and screenwriter.

The son of a painter, Othenin-Girard grew up immersed in the world of art, which influences his work as a film director.

He has made it his life’s work to use motion pictures to tell stories in a unique way.

His insatiable curiosity about cultures, history, languages and art has taken him all over the world; he has lived and worked in the United States, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK, and is currently based in Beijing.

Also a veteran in branding circles, Othenin-Girard has worked extensively in corporate image film, commercials and advertising campaigns – his corporate image film for the BMW Museum won 1st Place at Biarritz International Festival and was on continuous display at the museum for 18 years.

His professional commitment and drive is powered by a desire to strive for perfection.

Selective Filmography

-The Swiss, Les Suisses "Die Schweizer" (2013) Nominated for Prix Best TV series

-Dirty Money: l’Infiltre (2008)

-Henry Dunant: Red on the Cross (2006) Winner Mos Film Studio Award in Budapest / Winner of Swiss Film Award Quartz, 12e Festival international du cinéma et de télévision

-The Truth Will Survive "1200° Der Todestunnel" (2004) Nominated for the Shanghai Magnolia Award

-The Crusaders (2001)

-Love Conquers All "Liebe ist starker als der Tod” (1999)

-Florian: Love With All His Heart (1999) Winner of the Robert Geisendoerfer Award

-A Change of Heart "Die Fremde in meiner Brust" (1998) Nominated 3Sat Audience Award

-Sandra, C'est La Vie (1993) Winner 1st Prize Kinderfilm Festival (Essen, Germany), Winner European for International understanding (Germany)

-Omen IV: The Awakening (1991)

-Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

-Cop Trap "Piège à flics" (1988) Winner Sept D’Or, Best Crime Thriller (France)

-After Darkness (1985) Nominated for the Golden Bear Berlin International Film Festival / Winner of “Quality Prize” award by the Swiss Government.






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